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“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane” –
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. March 25, 1966

About information technology

App may work 'like Ritalin' on brain to focus ADHD sufferers: University of Cambridge scientists have announced an app for people with ADHD that focuses attention just like using Ritalin. This interesting article explains the process. The question is how will it be regulated if it makes it to the US?

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5 healthcare predictions that didn't come true in 2018: This article cuts across many topics, but three involve IT: death of the FAX, widespread secure communication among physicians, and the ability to get real-time pricing information.

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About devices

Microrobots could one day deliver drugs inside the body: This article explains one of the most fascinating technologies I have ever seen. Microrobots will change shape depending on the character of the fluid in which they are traveling in order to deliver treatments to their targets. The video in this article shows how this transformation occurs in different settings.

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