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Slow news day before the holiday, so just a few items.

There will not be a blog post tomorrow, but will resume Wednesday.

Merry Christmas.

About healthcare IT:

Willy Wonka and the Medical Software Factory: This article about Epic was in the business section of the NY Times this weekend. It is an interesting insight into the firm’s culture. For example: “The company’s dress code is that when visitors are on campus, wear clothes.”

Read the article

About pharma:
This past year was a record for generic approvals by the FDA. Included in the list were
biogenerics/biosimilars. These two articles summarize the field for the past year and future prospects.

The Key Biosimilars Developments of 2018

Top Trends In The Biopharmaceutical Industry And Bioprocessing For 2019

The Cost of Not Taking Our Medicine: The Complex Causes and Effects of Low Medication Adherence: Pharma companies are trying very hard to gain market share by getting new patients to try their products. However, they may be better served by focusing on existing patients and making sure they fill and refill their medications. “One study confirms that up to half of all prescribed medications are not taken as prescribed and some 20% to 30% of all persistent medication prescriptions are never filled.” Imagine the lost revenue from this non-compliance. Further, the healthcare system pays because of the adverse health effects of untreated diseases.

Read this well-done review of this problem